If you’re looking for talented Indian DJs, Indian wedding DJs or a Punjabi wedding DJ, it may sound obvious but you really need to be sure that their sound is for you!

Music is an acquired taste, which varies from person to person. Only by listening to the Asian DJ in advance can you be sure that they will suit your particular wedding.

Our DJ, Mixsingh himself, Pritpal is a real ‘magician’. He loves his work and his sheer passion is reflected by many hours of experience and practice. By constantly keeping on top of the latest music trends in English, Bhangra and Bollywood music and by creating his own original sounds through mixes and remixes, he has become a true master in his field. His natural talent has grown and grown through sheer dedication, which is what it takes to get to the top of the very competitive field of DJing.

Pritpal says, “If you’re in demand, you know you’re doing something right. However, I would always advise potential clients to listen to me perform at another venue to be sure they’re making the right choice.”

Nowadays, social media makes checking out a DJ for your wedding or other special event really easy. For a sample of Mixsingh showcasing his amazing DJ skills, just check out the latest posts on the Mixsingh Instragram page.

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