As experienced Asian wedding DJs, customising a DJ set for the young and the old is something we often get asked about!

Many couples invite families close to them and of course, these families span the generations. Creating a memorable experience for those aged between 2 to 80 may therefore seem a bit of a big ask.

Our Indian Wedding DJ, Pritpal says, “Actually, creating a DJ set that spans the generations is not as difficult as people may think. Many older people are aware and interested in newer styles of music and by combining songs and styles from different eras, we introduce songs to a whole new audience. This is something that they appreciate.”

He continues, “Combining musical styles to cater to varying audiences can work extremely well. It creates different themes or moods to the DJ set throughout the evening. When people are eating, they may want to listen to more relaxing music but will be in the mood to dance later on. Many songs actually cross the generation gap and our aim is always to get pretty much everyone on the dance floor. That’s how we measure the success of any event!”

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